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Sitemap manager

Hide a resource from search engines and sitemaps in Shopify
Shopify has a predefined metafield for all resources to hide a resource from search engines and sitemaps. This app embed will take advantage of this metafield to hide/show Shopify pages from store sitemap and search engines.
Before you enable the app embed you need to create a raven (instructions below) for each type of resource you want to be able to show/hide from the sitemap and search engines.
This feature is only suported for the following resource types: collection, product, article, blog, page
Go to "Ravens" page and click on "Create a new Raven"
Create a raven
Create a raven for each resource you want to hide/show
To enable the "Sitemap Manager" app embed, follow steps below:
Go to theme customizer
Click on App embeds
Make sure that FieldsRaven "Storefront Kit" is enabled and "Include AlpineJS" is checked
This is an admin only feature, the popup will be only visible to a logged-in customer with the provided email.
1) Enable "Sitemap manager" app embed 2) Copy & paste raven ids, make sure that the raven resource type match the type in the settings 3) Add admin email 4) Save!
After you login using the email you used in the settings as an admin email, you should be able to see this.
FieldsRaven Hide/Show from sitemap widget
FieldsRaven Hide/Show from sitemap widget when it's open
Note: when a resource is hidden from the sitemap, it won't appear in search results when customers use storefront search.