Sitemap manager

Hide a resource from search engines and sitemaps in Shopify

Shopify has a predefined metafield for all resources to hide a resource from search engines and sitemaps. This app embed will take advantage of this metafield to hide/show Shopify pages from store sitemap and search engines.

Before you enable the app embed you need to create a raven (instructions below) for each type of resource you want to be able to show/hide from the sitemap and search engines.

This feature is only suported for the following resource types: collection, product, article, blog, page

To enable the "Sitemap Manager" app embed, follow steps below:

This is an admin only feature, the popup will be only visible to a logged-in customer with the provided email.

After you login using the email you used in the settings as an admin email, you should be able to see this.

Note: when a resource is hidden from the sitemap, it won't appear in search results when customers use storefront search.

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